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Water II Wine Ministries is committed to serving God by ministering to those who are thirsty for the Word of God, and who are thirsty for the Spiritual wine which only God can provide through His son Jesus Christ. Jesus' first miracle at the Wedding in Canaan where He turned water into wine marked the beginning of a supernatural ministry which has touched millions of lives. Through praise and worship, prayer, teaching and social action, Water II Wine Ministries in the person of Thea Wray and her partners, has been anointed to continue the Lord's work. As an intercessor, a seed planter, an agent of spiritual change, Water II Wine Ministries is mandated to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the young and the old, of every nationality colour or race so that the Kingdom of Heaven will be glorified and the Lord's will on earth is done. The Outreach department of the ministry focuses on ministering through Praise and Worship and the word at venues, churches and gatherings where Evangelism of the Word of God is the focus. The Prayer department focuses on prayer needs passed on by the other departments as well as by on line chat room requests and prayer line requests. The Teaching department facilitates Keyboard and Vocal training as well as mentoring young musicians. Support the Sound, a CD develop by Thea Wray as a tool for vocal training is aimed at developing the vocal talents of sisters and brothers, build confidence and provide vocal skills to allow gainful employment, successful recording or and enhanced live performances. The Resources department facilitates the purchase of resources produced by the Ministry (music, teaching material) and also has links to affiliates from who related material such as audio worship products, sheet music, and books can be purchased.