Kingsley Wray

KA One

Kingsley Wray was born in Aboukir, St Ann in 1967. He started singing at Aboukir All Age school and at church youth group meetings at the Aboukir Methodist Church at the tender age of 8. His family moved to Runaway Bay in 1980 and he quickly found a spot in Runaway Bay where he could sing and DJ every Friday with the Cool One Sound System. This was while he was attending Iona High School in St Mary where he also found time to sneak off to Kingston to hang out at Randy's Record Store and walk many a mile from downtown Kingston to Maxfield Avenue to the now famous Channel One Recording Studio. In 1979 he started writing seriously, the first song being ?Stay with me? and this led him to work with various hotel bands over the next 20 years singing on most of the prestigious hotel band stands on the North Coast.  He had the music in him and it would not let him go. Kingsley met Tony Gregory in 1993 and was able to convince him to produce one of his originals ?Love Struck? which Kingsley sang with the DJ "Commissioner". It went on to be recorded in Germany and published by GEMA Records, although it is yet to be released in Jamaica. He then began to work on recording his music with the help of Junior Taylor in Montego Bay.

Adopting the stage name ?KWray? he relocated with his family to Europe to follow his dream.